About Life Groups

God calls people to a place of leadership, first in their homes, on the job, and in the church.  It is important that people know their rights and responsibilities in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Here at the Life Groups we are committed to helping each person with the tools necessary to move forward on their personal journey of faith.  There are weekly Bible studies and events where friends of the Life Groups can get together, build relationships, and most importantly experience God on a whole new level. 

We want you to know that wherever you are on your spiritual journey, whether you’re just beginning to investigate Christianity or you already have a maturing relationship with Jesus, we’re here to help you take the right step.

All of our small groups at Victory Outreach Colorado Springs are called Life Groups.

Life is a journey of unexpected twists and turns, and we need God and others to help us navigate the challenges of life.

Learning about the journey of life with others in a small group is the key for connection to the Victory Outreach family. If you are looking for a place to learn more about God and develop relationships with others, Life Groups are for you!

Life Groups is a small group of adults who are devoted to one another. In Life Groups you will find the support needed to grow in your walk with Christ.  You will gain opportunities to make friendship connections, convert to Christ’s ways and cultivate by serving others.

Victory Outreach is committed to families. Our staff team is made up of husbands, wives, dads and moms. We are real people, just like you! It is our intention to equip families with resources to walk with Christ together. 

Most Life Groups gatherings last 1 ½ to 2 hours.  As relationships grow, you will have the opportunity to make friendship connections with some people.  As these friendships grow, you will naturally want to spend more time together.  So make sure you have the time to devote to some new friendships.

The environment of Life Groups is open, but not threatening. As your new friendships grow, you will develop trust in your group.  As trust grows, you will begin to feel safe and open up more.

 Victory Outreach has other Life Groups throughout Colorado Springs. Some meet on Tuesdays and some on Wednesdays. For that reason, every Life Group meets at our Sunday evening services at 6:30 PM, at Star Academy, at 2520 Airport Road,  Colorado Springs, CO 80910  There you will meet and fellowship with the other members of the Life Groups and discuss weekly life application questions that go along with the discussions from the main passages of Scripture studied on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Visitors are welcome, but please notify the group leader first.  We believe in creating a high level of trust within each group.  Building trust requires some predictability so visitors should not randomly pop.  By keeping most weekly group gatherings closed to visitors, the members have the opportunity to get to know one another on a deeper level. Most people will not open up to the group when someone they do not know is sitting in the room.

Each Life Group is in charge of looking after their children. Your group can come up with a practical plan together. The vision is for the entire family to find community. While the adults are connecting together, your children can be making friends, too! Every leader has access to a childcare covenant to ensure the safety of our children. 

A rule that we live by is this: “What is said in the Life Groups stays within the Life Groups.” You will gain authentic friends who are devoted to walking through life with you.  Through prayer, fellowship and biblical discussions, you will have multiple opportunities to grow in your walk with Christ.  Ultimately, you will gain the needed support to weather all of life’s storms.

Do you love God? Are you passionate about expressing Christ’s love to others? Welcome to Life Groups!

For more information about Life Groups, meeting times and locations, please contact Ray Lovett at phone number (719) 225-4732 or email raylovettiii@gmail.com



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